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裕健智能  精研定制


裕健品保 E&J QA

      裕健智能科技将会全心全力为我们的客户提供优质的产品和服务。 对我们来说,质量不仅取决于最终产品,还包括从设计工程材料采购,项目管理到产品制造和分销的整个产品过程。


   E&J is committed to providing quality products and services to our customers. To us, quality is not only determined by the end product, but encompasses the entire product development, from design engineering materials procurement, and project management to product manufacturing and distribution. 
质量目标 Quality Objectives
  • 确保产品符合指定的规定要求        
  • To ensure products conform to specified requirements 
  • 建立预防方案,事前对产品的过程风险评估并落实
  • To promote prevention rather than correction . 
  • 建立全员品质管理
  • To actively promote total quality as the responsibility of all personnel
产品质量  Product Quality
  • 裕健智能科技在开始设计阶段建立严格的质量控制。并利用统计过程控制(SPC)数据进行验收测试,从而验证流入制造过程的产品的质量。
  • Strict quality control is initially established during the design and engineering phases. E&J utilizes Statistical Process Control (SPC) data for acceptance testing, thus certifying the quality of products flowing into the manufacturing process. 
  • 在制造过程中的质量我们会对所有原材料的全面检查, 进料检查不仅确保符合内部和外部规格,而且还有助于产品的性能保证.
  • 裕健智能科技已按照ISO9001:2015准则实施了严格的质量控制体系,该体系遵循原材料从制造到最终检验的整个过程. 在产品生产的所有阶段都实施全面质量管理. 我们始终确保符合国家和国际公认的质量标准和行业公认的惯例.
  • Quality in the manufacturing process begins with extensive inspections on all of our raw materials. Incoming raw material inspections not only ensure compliance to internal and external specifications, but also help to maintain the lowest defective rates possible. E&J  has implemented a rigid QC system according to ISO9001:2000 guidelines that follow raw materials on through manufacturing and final inspection. Total Quality Management is implemented in all stages of oduct manufacturing. We always make sure we conform to nationally and internationally recognized quality standards and industry accepted practices. 
服务质量  Service Quality

        裕健智能科技高度重视通过与客户和代理商进行开放及频繁的沟通,并提供准确及时的报告, 对所有请求将会及有效响应;公平灵活的定价以及诚实可靠的时间表来提供优质的客户服务。

    在内部,裕健智能科技强调团队协作和例行质量会议,由生产, 工程, 客服, 销售, 采购, 运输和管理的代表进行。 鼓励裕健人公开讨论他们可能遇到的任何问题,或提出有效提高生产率的新方法.

  E&J  places a high value on providing excellent customer service by promoting open and frequent communications with customers and agents and providing accurate and timely reports, efficient responses to requests, fair and flexible pricing and honest and reliable timelines. 

   Internally, E&J  emphasizes team synergy and routine quality meetings are conducted involving production staff and representatives from customer service, sales, purchasing, shipping and management. E&J  members are encouraged to openly discuss any concerns they may have or to suggest new methods for increasing productivity efficiently and effectively

认证标准  Compliance

As a bench mark for quality assurance, our procedures meet or exceed the following for which we are fully audited and certified: 

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • American National Standard ANSI/ASQC Z1.0 
  • 进行定期对原材料检测 :                                                                             –Lead铅;   –Mercury汞;   –Cadmium镉;     –Chromium (VI)六价铬.确保物料是符合ROHS标准要求.
  • X-ray instrument for QC measure Pb, Cd. Hg, total Cr & Br   Check the raw material and final set to guarantee products are RoHS compliance.